Social & Environmental Responsibility 

We are truly passionate & respectful of the countryside which is why we choose to use only biodegradable bags for cleaning up our dog litter. We care deeply about the welfare of animals and with this ethos in mind walk a maximum of 2 dogs at a time. This ensures safe practice and individual attention for your pets. Where possible and with the owners consent we promote a healthy, natural balanced diet during our Home Sitting Service.


​​We are proud to support and give back to our local community and continue to volunteer with the RSPCA amongst other local charitable causes. 

Caring for pets has been a passion since early childhood and we appreciate that giving pets superior care and affection is ultimate to a healthy, happy and prolonged life for them ... and you.

Striving for excellence is part of our nature and we can assure you your pet and their welfare is the focus of everything we do.